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LP's and singles galore from the 60's to the 90's. Beatles, Stones, Elvis, Hendrix, Old motown, Queen, T Rex, Bowie, The Jam, The Clash and hundreds more artists. After 20 years of dealing mostly online, Rob has moved his record-breaking (hopefully not literally) endeavor forward; becoming a bastion of vinyl on the Isle of Wight - buying from and selling to the community the finest in rare and high quality records.


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Rob has adopted 20 years of online vinyl record sales to create the perfect haven for music-lovers at Hip City Island Records. Becoming a bastion of vinyl on the Isle of Wight. We buy and sell the finest in rare and high quality records to the local community.

Come in, play some of your favourite records, have a chat about the music you love, and maybe find something new. A friendly atmosphere and a large selection of the best music in the best format, what more could any music-lover want?

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